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Hello Springer Fans!!!!

So I called my friends and I got the details.

My friend Nikki was on the show a few years back because the guy she was seeing at the time was gay, but she didn't know it and so she was on there to be confronted. She can't find her copy of the tape so I cant give u an exact episode, but it was hilarious and I'll try to explain:

Her boyfriend was cheating on her with a MIDGET! (Dwarf) Whatever. LOL. So shes sittin' on stage and her boyfriend gives her the speech...We ALL know the speech from Jerry Springer...

"Nicole, you know I love you and I want to be with you...BUT {theres the famous word} BUT I'm gay and I'm in love with someone else."

Out comes his boyfriend "Carl the Midget"

Nikki freaks out and hurls a chair....Steve grabs her and the midget runs up gets thru the bodyguards cuz hes so small, and kicks Nikki in the SHIN!

LMAO! How funny is that? Wow. Been a long time since we saw the video. It was great. I mean picture it:

3 chairs on stage, 2 close, one far away from the other 2. The one that's far away is the one Nikki threw...then the Midget comes  from around his boyfriend ducks under a security guard, runs full speed at Steve who is restraining Nikki, and kicks his fat lil leg thru Steve's legs and connects toward the bottom of her shin.

Ahh that was good for a smile.

Needless to say she walked off stage and then almost got into a fight with an audience member during the end of the show, cause she was talkin shit about her. It is kinda bogue tho. A pretty 24 yr old Blonde Hair Blue eyed girl, replaced by a fat midget in leather chaps and vest.  (Nikkis boyfriend and the midget were into BDSM)

Hope I made u smile. Jerry Springer Rules!!! Wether its real or made up I don't care. Its a great show!!!

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